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“Steve Roslonek of SteveSongs takes young listeners on a journey. Not just a musical journey, but an entertaining, interactive and educational one… An amazing performer.”
Danyel Barnard, The Boston Globe

“Steve Roslonek's songs have that magicalability to reach children on their own level and be fun for adults at the same time. It's kids' music that's cool.”
Garth Ross, The Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage, Washington, DC

“Warmth, gentle humor and well–crafted, quirky wordplay run through Steve Roslonek’s creative songs and stories, and the mellow James Taylor–ish quality of much of the vocals and acoustic instrumentals is especially pleasant to hear...”
Lynne Heffley, The Los Angeles Times

“It takes a different kind of rock star to convince more than 300 people –– some in their 80s, some barely 3 –– to stand up, jump up and down on one foot, stick one finger in their ear and hold their knee with the other hand. Steve Roslonek is that kind of rock star.”
Stephen Busemeyer, The Hartford Courant

“For those of us who imagine children´s music as something akin to a long car ride with Barney singing in the CD player and the adults clutching the steering wheel or their Starbucks while waiting for their heads to explode, here is seriously well crafted songwriting that is leading the way in the field of children’s music.”
Jennifer Hawkins, The Bristol Press

“SteveSongs is nothing short of a phenomenon. Of all the performers we´ve presented at our Family Fun series, Steve rises above the rest. He consistently sells out our 500–seat performing arts center, and the last time he appeared––on one of the coldest mornings of the winter––we had to turn away people who were lined up all the way the down the block!”
Leland Stein, Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA

“Steve´s passion, talent, and ability to connect with kids makes him one of the most requested artists on The Playground. Steve Songs´ music is a careful and lovingly created concoction of fun and smart, which lets kids be kids and gain understanding of the world in the process. The albums are solid and central to any family music collection, but Steve Songs is even more amazing live. I´ve seen the kids gravitate toward his positivity and dance themselves silly in the aisles. Steve Songs teaches kids how to rock out!”
Leah Labreakfast, Host/Coordinator, The Playground, 88.9 WERS Boston

“Steve is one of the most vocally adept, visually entertaining, talented and energetic family performers of today. He is destined for the big stage!”
Christine Schell, The Center For Arts in Natick

“More fun than Recess!”
Sean, Age 7, Bristol, CT

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